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Cancun Jungle Tours

Searching for new and exciting ways to spend a day while on your Cancun vacation? The Jungle Tour recreational park will show you and your family a whole new way to experience the jungle forests surrounding the area. This tour service promises some of the most novel and thrilling ways to experience nature and its wildlife.


If you and your family have a desire to immerse yourself in the natural splendor that Mexico's jungles have to offer, Jungle Tour will not leave you dissatisfied. This experience will leave an indelible impact on your family's vacation, and imprint unforgettable memories of Cancun's surrounding jungle and coastal landscapes.

Cancun Jungle Tour Boats
Picture: One of the Choices of Speed Boats for Your Jungle Tour

One of the most interesting components of Jungle Tours are the speedboat tours that zip visitors throughout the waterways of Cancun's coastal lagoons. This is an excellent way for families to sight see and take in Mexico's huge variety of animal and plant life. Speedboats can be rented in 45 minute blocks, and give your family enormous freedom to explore the surrounding areas.

Jungle Tour Speed Boats
Picture: Speeding Through the Jungle

Since you are in control of your speed boat trip, feel free to take things as fast or slow as your family wants. You can anchor off of the many jungle islands and take a snorkeling trip to see some of the tropical fish species up close and personal. Or you can blast through the waterways and feel the ocean breeze blow across your face, giving your family the ultimate sense of freedom and adventure.

Jungle Boats Cancun
Picture: Thick In the Jungle

Another exciting option is to take a guided jungle tour in a Hummer vehicle. These tours will blaze trails with you and your family through pristine forest locations, and even let you see some ancient Mayan ruins as they've existed for centuries. Some agencies may provide you with a tour guide to drive you, or you may choose to rent the vehicle yourself for a greater sense of adventure. Some of these guided tours even include a planned lunch that will offer ready made, traditional Mexican cuisine.

Jungle Tour Hummer
Picture: Hummer Jungle Driving

There are also a number of other jungle and environmentally oriented tours to experience during your stay near Cancun. Some of these include thrilling zip line tours that will let you swing through the treeline of forests. These trips combine the excitement of a roller coaster with the educational experience of traditional forest tours. This is a superb way for families to get their children interested in wildlife and nature in general. These zip line tours will give them a memorable experience of nature that will stay with them for the rest of their lives.

Cancun Jungle Tours Ziplines
Picture: Ziplines over the Jungle

If these tour descriptions have piqued your interest, make sure to do your research well ahead of time. Some of these tour packages are available at parks and resorts close to Cancun, but others are located deep within the jungles outside of the city center. Make sure that you know how to get to your jungle tour destination, which may involve renting out a car from a local Cancun dealer. You will also want to budget plenty of time for your family's jungle adventure, and you may find yourself so captivated that you never want to leave.

Monkey seen in Cancun Jungle Tour
Picture: Monkey Found During Hummer Jungle Tour