Beautiful women in Cancun

Beaches in Cancun Mexico:

Cancun is one of the most beautiful vacation spots in all of Mexico. It has great Mexican cuisine and a very vibrant night life. The most noteworthy thing about Cancun is it’s plentitude of breath taking, exotic beaches. The beaches are divided up between the north side beaches and the east side beaches.

The north side beaches have very calm conditions making them great places to relax and take it easy. They are also great for finding activities as they border many shops, restaurants, and clubs. The north side beaches are on the waters of the Mujeres Bay. In the Mujeres Bay is the Isla Mujeres, an island once considered sacred by the ancient Mayan people. Isla Mujeres is now home to a turtle rehabilitation center, and also to North Beach which has been considered one of the best beaches in the Caribean.

isla mujeres
Picture: Isla Mujeres - 5 miles long, less then .5 miles wide.

Another great north side beach is Playa Caracol. This beach is a great beach to take children to with its shallow waters and flat bottoms making it much safer than the average beach. It is also close to a number of restaurants, night clubs, and even one of the first malls ever constructed in Cancun.

play caracol beach

Picture:  Playa Caracol

The Playa Tortugas is also a great beach in Cancun. They have ferries that can take you to Isla Mujeres and all its attractions. These beaches are also home to sand volleyball and border multiple restaurants and Playa Tortugas itself has many open air cafes.

playa tortuga
Picture:  Playa Tortugas

The Playa Linda, like the other beaches, is very calm and serene as well as have ferries that go to Isla k that includes scuba diving tours and a submarine tour, making it a particularly unique beach in Cancun.

Playa Linda Beach
Picture: Playa Linda Beach

The east side beaches are breezier then the north side beaches and have higher wave conditions. This is due to the beaches bordering the Caribbean Sea. This makes these beaches more for the adventurous vacationers. These beaches are home to many sailing and exercise activities that keep the beach goers very active during their stay in Cancun. There is also a Mayan ruin on San Miguelito.

Playa Chac Mool is a great east side beach filled with beautiful hotels with a plentitude of people that keeps activity buzzing. The high wind speeds of Playa Chac Mool make it ideal for sailboarding and parasailing.  Beware of the strong currents in these shallow waters.

Playa Choc Mool
Picture: Playa Chac Mool Beach

Playa Marlin has similar capabilities for parasailing and sailboarding, but has better parking availability then Playa Chac Mool. The Playa Ballenas is also a wonderful beach that offers parasailing, tube rides, sand volleyball, and an excellent view of the sunset. This beach is also noteworthy for its location near the Crococun Zoo, which houses a variety of wildlife and activities for children that make it a fun learning experience.

playa bellanas beach
Picture: Playa Ballenas Beach

The beaches of Cancun offer activities for a great variety of people. They offer relaxing and calm scenery at the north side beaches and adventure and excitement on the east side beaches. Almost all the beaches are located near restaurants, hotels, night clubs, and many other activities sure to make a vacation in Cancun worthwhile.