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Xel-Há Cancun Mexico:

Are you looking to explore natural beauty on your Mexican vacation? Look no further! Xel-Há is a beautiful natural park located in Cancun, Mexico. The park is situated along the lovely Riviera Maya, and it is a naturalist’s dream. This exotic getaway places a fabulous emphasis on water activities, such as snorkeling and swimming with dolphins. The Riviera Maya is teeming with aquatic life, and the crystal clear blue waters that run by beautiful green trees are extremely inviting.


Some call Xel-Há the “largest natural aquarium” in the world. If you are looking for aquatic plant and animal life at the tips of your fingers, look no further. With water flowing out to the Caribbean Sea, the gentle currents make it extremely tempting to just lazily float down the river, enjoying its tropical beauty. If you are a bit more adventurous, this is a great place for first time snorkelers. The water is calm and clear, and you are sure to be amazed by the many breathtakingly beautiful fish you will see.

Xel-ha Arial View
Picture:  Overhead View of Xel-Ha Park

Xel-Há is an ancient Mayan word meaning, “where the water is born.” According to Mayan legend, the Mayan gods created Xel-Há by mixing their love and knowledge of all amazing things. Indeed, the park will not cease to amaze you and your loved ones.

Xel-Ha Main Part of Water Park
Picture: Main Part of the Park

As you snorkel or float down the water, you will be surrounded by natural beauty: gorgeous waters and corals, fish, mangroves, and rock structures. You can easily stop along your drift down the river to jump from the cliffs into the cool, inviting water. The park is the perfect mix of relaxation and some good adrenaline-pumping adventure, all with a deep respect for the nature world and its creatures.

Xel-Ha Manatees2
Picture: Snorkelers Meet Manatees in the water.  (Taken From

This wonderful river park is perfect for people of all ages, and is a great family vacation destination. The waters are gentle in this calm inlet, and it is safe for children. It is also a great way to teach your kids about aquatic ecosystems, and to escape from TVs and theme parks for a refreshing return to our roots: nature.

Xel_ha swim with Dolphins
Picture: Swimming With the Fish

 Children can even feed the fish of Xel-Há for an even closer natural encounter. If you want to learn more about the Maya, there are also some interesting ruins you can visit. They are mostly unexcavated, but only time will tell what your imagination can envision for the rest! Like the rest of Xel-Há the tickets are very affordable. There is also a cave structure that you can visit nearby.

Swiming with the Dolphins at Xel_ha
Picture: Swimming With the Dolphins
The tickets for the park are well priced, and inner tubes and life vests are free with all tickets. Once you arrive at Xel-Há you also have the option of purchasing an all-inclusive ticket, so you don’t have to worry about acquiring your snorkeling gear and towels.

Wildlife at Xel_ha Parrot
Picture: All Sorts of Wildlife at Xel-Ha

Food and drink are also included with this ticket. Furthermore, there are fantastic affordable public bus tours of the park, for when you need a rest from all the swimming and exploring you are sure to undertake.


Picture: Giant Site Map of Xel-Ha (Click to Enlarge)
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